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Parking Infringements

As a large amount of cars and other vehicles travel to and from Launceston Airport each week, ensuring the safe and efficient flow of traffic is one of our key priorities.

Parking  infringement notices (fines) are a necessary method of regulating and controlling the use of parking spaces at Launceston Airport – for those who park illegally or disobey the parking rules.

Please note that effective 28th December 2012, the Federal Government has increased the value of a penalty point unit for parking infringements at Launceston Airport.  Parking infringement notices are issued under the Commonwealth Airport Act 1996 regulations, in accordance with the Australian Road Rules.

Revenue from parking infringements is received by the Federal Government.

Do not ignore a parking infringement notice.  You have 28 days after the date the notice is served to either; pay the fine, submit a statutory declaration nominating the driver or to appeal the infringement.

If you wish to have your parking infringement notice dealt with by the Magistrates Court, take no action regarding your notice – legal proceedings may be instigated by Launceston Airport.

Parking infringement notices are issued by Australia Pacific Airports Launceston (APAL) – the managers and operators of Launceston Airport.  APAL issues these parking infringement notices in accordance with the Airports (Control of On-Airport Activities) Regulations 1997.

A map detailing the different parking zones at Launceston Airport can be found below

 Launceston Airport Parking Signage Plan.

How do I pay a parking infringement notice?

There are several ways in which you can pay your parking infringement notice – listed below.

Paying by Phone/Credit Card:

Via Credit Card Payment – Phone (03) 63916 222 Airport Administration during business hours (09:00am – 5:00pm) or outside of these hours (03) 6391 6208 Duty Operations Supervisor.  Please have your credit card and parking infringement notice ready.

Paying by Mail:

Please post a cheque or money order made payable to Launceston Airport to the address listed below.  Please ensure that the parking infringement notice number, vehicle registration number and a contact phone number are clearly printed on the reverse of the cheque or money order.  A copy of the infringement notice may also be enclosed.

Post to:- Launceston Airport, P.O. Box 1220, Launceston.  Tasmania 7250.

Paying in person (cash, cheque or money order):

Please be directed to:- Launceston Airport Administration Building, Level 2, Launceston Airport Terminal.  Payments can be accepted Monday – Friday (pubic holidays excluded) and during the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm.

What happens if I don’t pay within 28 days?

Launceston Airport (APAL) may send you a letter if you have not paid the fine in full within 28 days.  After this initial letter, Launceston Airport may commence legal action in the Magistrates Court.  You may defend your charge in court.

Frequently Asked Questions – Parking Infringement Notices.

Launceston Airport receives a large number of requests appealing parking infringement notices.  To save you time in compiling your application to appeal your infringement, please read through the FAQ’s  below.

Under what circumstances may Launceston Airport approve an application to appeal a parking infringement notice?

Launceston Airport receives more applications to appeal a parking infringement notice than the numbers that we approve.  We may approve an application where:

  • The driver has suffered from a serious medical incident – supported by documentation such as a letter from the treating hospital or your doctor.
  • The car has broken down and the driver is able to provide supporting documentation such as towing docket or a repair invoice from the resulting repairs.

I don’t know if my special circumstances are reason that Launceston Airport typically approve when appealing a parking infringement notice.  What are the reasons Launceston Airport doesn’t approve – when seeking to withdraw an infringement notice?

Launceston Airport does not approve the following reasons in considering appeals against parking infringement notices:

  • Not noticing a sign
  • Reading only part of the sign
  • Being unable to read the sign from the front seat of the car
  • Forgetting to read the sign
  • The weather
  • Running late or being in a hurry to pick up someone
  • Being delayed or at an appointment
  • Talking on a mobile phone
  • Wanting to avoid paying for parking at Launceston Airport
  • Being unaware of the Australia Road Rules (all licensed drivers are expected to be aware and comply with Road Rules at all times).

Who is responsible for paying the parking infringement notice?

If you are the registered owner of the vehicle, then you are responsible for the payment of the penalty.  If you were not the driver of the vehicle at the time of the infringement, then you must nominate the responsible driver via a Statutory Declaration Form or you will remain responsible for the payment of the infringement.

What should I do if Launceston Airport requests additional information from me?

Respond promptly.  If you do not provide Launceston Airport with the requested information within 14 days of the request, then your appeal will be assessed on the information that is available on hand – which will considerably reduce the likelihood of your appeal being successful.

What happens if my appeal is unsuccessful?

You have the option of either paying the infringement notice by the due date or electing to have the matter heard in the Magistrates Court.  If you fail to pay or respond within 28 days of the due date APAL may commence legal proceedings.

Can my car be towed away?

Yes.   If your car is left unattended in a designated tow away area, or if it is parked illegally and it is believed to be a danger to other road users, is likely to cause traffic congestion then Launceston Airport may tow your vehicle.  All towing and vehicle retrieval costs are the responsibility of the owner.

Will I lose demerit points as a result of a parking infringement notice?

No.  You will not lose demerit points as a result of a parking infringement notice.  Parking infringement notices do not result in a conviction or a criminal record.  However failing to pay a parking infringement notice – and failing to address the matter at the Magistrates Court – could well result in ongoing legal concerns.

How to appeal a parking infringement notice.

Launceston Airport receives requests to appeal parking infringement notices.  These range from factual with clear supportive documentation to those with very scant details.

You may appeal or contest a parking infringement if:

  • You were not driving the vehicle at the time the infringement was received – you will need to nominate the driver and complete a Statutory Declaration Form if you believe the parking notice is incorrect.
  • There are special circumstances that you believe Launceston Airport should consider in your case.  It is strongly recommended that you refer to the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page – highlighting the limited circumstances that may cause Launceston Airport to retract a parking infringement notice.

Please note: Launceston Airport must receive your application in writing to appeal or contest your notice within 28 days of the date listed on the notice.

To give your appeal the best chance of success, please ensure that your written appeal contains the following information listed below.  We strongly recommend that you use headings and/or dot points in compiling your appeal in a clear and concise way.  You may choose to use this following Parking Infringement Review Template to assist in your application.

What to clearly include within your written appeal:

  • Your name and address
  • The car registration number
  • The infringement notice number
  • The offence – as stated on the infringement notice
  • Copies of your supporting evidence
  • A clear explanation as to why Launceston Airport should review your notice

Please post your appeal application to:- Launceston Airport.  P.O. Box 1220, Launceston.  Tasmania 7250

Launceston Airport will write to you and advise you of its decision on your appeal.  This usually occurs within 14 days, although if Launceston Airport requires additional information from outside organisations, it could take up to 90 days to review your appeal.

If Launceston Airport rejects your appeal you must promptly pay the fine associated with the parking infringement notice.

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