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Launceston Airport opens first phase of terminal transformation

Launceston Airport opens first phase of terminal transformation

Launceston Airport has completed the first phase of its $3.5 million terminal transformation on schedule, marking it with the opening of ‘The Launceston Store’ by NewsLink.

The new 230 square metre concept store is presented by Lagardère Travel Retail and has been designed to showcase Tasmania’s globally renowned gourmet food and wine.

Tailored specifically for Launceston Airport, ‘The Launceston Store’ by NewsLink provides a high quality, creative, quintessentially Tasmanian retail offer, showcasing a range of local Tasmanian suppliers and produce.  It will also stock travel essentials; reading materials including newspapers, magazines and books; drinks and snacks. An in-store ‘tech2go’ offer will also stock tech accessories and luggage.

Phase two of the project will see the first Boags Bar and Restaurant in the world opened, as well as a new licenced Hudson’s Coffee.

Free Wi-Fi will also soon be available, along with additional phone and power charging stations to further improve passenger amenity as part of the terminal transformation.

Commencing in May 2015, approximately 630 square metres have been added to the terminal area to provide more space for travellers, incorporating new dining options and shopping facilities.

The terminal transformation project is expected to be completed in March 2016, with the completion of the final two additional dining facilities.


Comment attributable to Paul Hodgen, General Manager Launceston Airport -

“Our terminal transformation will deliver more space, take in sweeping views of the mountains and airfield and provide improved dining and shopping options for passengers. We’re working hard to make Launceston Airport a better experience and think our terminal transformation will do just that.”

“We’re thrilled to launch Lagardère Travel Retail’s new ‘Launceston Store’ and I can’t think of a better way to feature our fantastic local produce. The new store brings the best of Launceston and northern Tasmania to the airport.”

“The opening of ‘The Launceston Store’ is a milestone in our terminal transformation and we’re looking forward to unveiling our renewed terminal and all it offers in 2016.”  


Comment attributable to Matthieu Mercier, CEO-Pacific of Lagardère Travel Retail

“We were delighted to be chosen by Launceston Airport to present this new concept store to travellers as well as Launceston and northern Tasmania locals.”

“Offering something for everyone, the new ‘Launceston Store’ by NewsLink will showcase everything from local produce to reading materials and tech accessories.”


For further information contact: Launceston Airport - (03) 6391 6222

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