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 Launceston Airport (APAL) and its tenants engage Contractors to perform a variety of different tasks from time to time. It is of the utmost importance to ensure that we provide a safe workplace for Contractors and that they are fully aware of all the relevant safety, environment and operational requirements at the airport. This will ensure that we can maintain the safety and integrity of the airport, the environment and all airport users.

These requirements shall be achieved by:

  • (a) A consistent process for managing contractors at the airport from their engagement right through to completion of work.
  • (b) Consistent forms for recording that all prerequisite have been completed and that the Contractor is ready to commence work.
  • (c) Specific types of induction that are tailored to the level or supervision to minimise information overload and risk of complacency.

This process applies to all types of Contractor who are engaged to perform Work at the Airport. It does not apply to Visitors. Document APAL-CMP-001 Contractor Management Procedure explains the process and interrelationship between documents.


Contractor Management Procedure (pdf 80 KB)

Contractor Engagement Process PDF for the Launceston Airport (pdf 70 KB)

Contractor Preparation Checklist (pdf 121 KB)

General Access Contractor Induction (pdf 453 KB)

Restricted Access Contractor Induction (pdf 3.2 MB)

Restricted Access Contractor Induction Assessment (pdf 71 KB)

Contractor Induction Sign Off Form (pdf 51 KB)

Launceston Airport Works Manual (pdf 689 KB)

Safe Work Permits Procedure (pdf 171 KB)



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